Thank you for participating in the House to House program.

HTH is geared to generate contacts. Contacts are made through people requesting free information, filling out the quiz, asking for a Bible study or prayer request, or requesting the free offer.

The contacts listed here were generated through our website, and any requests have been fulfilled.  These contacts would be great leads for follow-up activity such as sending a letter or card, or adding the names to your congregation’s mailing list.

There are two ways to see your contacts:

  1. You can use the map to see the contacts closest to your building.
  2. You can download the addresses in a spreadsheet.

To download your contacts, click the buttons below and type in the password provided in the emails you receive from us.

Select your Church ID number to find your contacts. You can then print labels to send each person a follow-up card, or visit each to deliver a welcome basket and personal invitation to attend services.

Some congregations create their own Google map with their members’ addresses on the map in one color and the contacts in another color to assign members to visit nearby contacts.

To get an overview of how to use the maps below, check out this video:

Contacts for February and March, 2019

View/Download All Contacts